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Clockspider is a popular fad consisting of three images. The first image is a picture of a clock with some weird legs sticking out of it that almost look like wires. The second picture is the most popular. It is a picture of a huge spider (clock-sized) who is standing on a wall. The picture is alleged to be fake however, due to erase marks near pic 1. The third image simply shows a close-up image of the clockspider.

The fad first started on Paranormal/Conspiracy around 2002 when someone made a topic about the pictures. It then quickly spread to the rest of GameFAQs and became a site-wide fad. The Clockspider fad lasted only a few months before it died down but was still remembered. This was due to many people having arachniphobia and getting startled or even nervous just looking at pictures of a 10-inch spider. This fear helped spread the pictures around.

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  • - A ytmnd of the clockspider. Contains images two and three. Accompanied by the voice of Peter Griffin.