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Music: Top 40
Board Type Special Interest Non-Gaming
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The Music: Top 40 board is intended for music that is currently popular, as the title says, but oftentimes is rather used for discussion of old and unpopular bands.


Music: Top 40 started out as a discussion for popular music seen on MTV, VH1, and Much. In 2004, there were users who wanted to break away from the Music: Rock board, so they decided to come to Music: Top 40. They discussed bands from the 70s on up, in spite of all the topics about current pop music. This spawned a lot of other users from varied music boards to make Top 40 their home music board, which made a lot of the original posters from Top 40 leave. There have been many trolls on Top 40 since this happened, one of them being Humpa, who makes topics about Music: Top 40 being about Top 40 music rather than what it has been made now.

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